Group Cards - About Group Cards
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Who We Are

The idea for Group Cards was created in 2015 by a team organiser who saw a need to speed up how long it took to create office cards for colleagues. Since then the founder has worked with a number of like-minded people to bring the benefit of Group Cards to the UK.

We are an active and enthusiastic team of people who enjoy organising events for friends at work and at home. We are passionate about helping friends and families stay connected by sharing special memories and events in their lives.

The Group Cards team are a small, friendly, close-knit team who pride ourselves in making card sending events special and inclusive; distance of the contributors is no longer an issue.

What We Do

Group Cards is a card site with a difference. With us, no matter the distance between you, you can get together with friends and families to contribute to the same card for a friend, colleague or family member. Group Cards allows you to send handwritten eCards or real cards to your chosen person with selected messages from your contributors; all without having to leave your chair.

Why Choose Us

Group Cards is the only personalised card provider on the market that specialises in providing group card messages for friends, families and work colleagues. If you need to arrange an office card quickly, a leaving card for a work-friend, a last minute get together, a get well soon card or any other card message from more than one person in the shortest possible time, then Group Cards is the only destination for you.

With the current rise in remote working, Group Cards is the perfect way to maintain the social interaction of distanced work colleagues, by allowing everyone to celebrate office birthdays and other special events. And although people may not be able to see each other in person so much, Group Cards is perfect for an office leaving card or an office retirement card, so that people who leave or retire can still get a permanent reminder of their colleagues even if they may not have had a chance to say goodbye in person.

Group Cards takes care of all of the leg work , chasing, reminding and message compilation to deliver a well-presented card at a time of your choosing. Group Cards is the only choice for group card events.