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Using Group Cards

How to create an eCard event and gather messages

How to create an event and order a physical card

How to add a card message on behalf of someone else

How to Check Responders

How does it work?

Group Cards is an online card creation site that allows groups of card contributors to add personal messages to the same card, just like you would do in an office or for a family member or friend.

We offer both physical cards and e-cards that multiple people can sign and add messages to remotely.

What are 'Events'?

Events are the names given to the card-collection being arranged by the creator. For example if you’re arranging a birthday card for John, you may wish to call the event ‘John’s 21st birthday’ to distinguish it from Sue’s leaving card. We recommend using memorial Event names for each event arranged.

How does the process work?

The Group Cards system will prompt you through each stage of the process. Very simply:

  • • Search for and select a Card
  • • Pay for the Card (or select a Free E-card)
  • • Enter Event Details
  • • Enter Completion Date / Details
  • • Generate and Send Link for people to sign

You will be prompted to register or log-in during this process if you haven't already, so that you can come back to the card you have selected.

Any time before the event completion date, anyone who receives the link can add messages to the card, and optionally change the font, colour and position of their message. The person who created the event can also:

  • • View the card and messages added so far at any time
  • • Add, edit or delete messages
  • • Move messages around
  • • Upgrade the card
  • • Invite more people to add messages

When the event completion date is over, you can make final edits to the messages if you have chosen to confirm it is OK first. The card will then be sent, by e-mail for e-cards or printed and despatched for physical cards.

What kind of cards are available on Group Cards?

Cards for all event types can be purchased on the Group Cards site. Examples of card types are Wedding, New Baby, Retirement, New Job, Congratulations and Sorry You’re Leaving. If there are card types you would like, but cannot find, please contact us on

How do I let people know how to add messages to the card?

Once the event is set up, you will be asked how you want to do this. You can either have the system generate a link which you can send to people yourself, or choose to enter e-mail addresses for our e-mail system to send the link on your behalf. You can also choose a combination of both.

People who receive the link can add a message, and optionally change the font, colour and position on the page. They cannot edit anyone else's message.

What times can I order

The Group Cards website is available 24x7. Please select the date for delivery of the card when setting up the event. Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery for physical cards. E-cards will be automatically sent shortly after the date.

We do occasionally have to take the site down for maintenance (usually during the early hours of the morning UK-time). Any orders already placed will be fulfilled as requested. Any new orders can be placed as soon as the site returns. Please check back regularly if the site is unavailable due to maintenance.

What is the difference between ‘physical cards’ and ‘E-Cards’ on the Group Cards site?

An eCard on is a virtual card that is delivered electronically (through email) to the given email address. It comes in the form of a pdf document with a header and the friend / family messages below. Examples can be found on our Instagram site: A ‘real card’ is a physical card that arrives through the post (postage within the UK is free)

The method for sending links to people, how they add messages and most other options are the same for both e-cards and physical cards.

Are there any messsage limits?

Messages for physical cards are added to the inside of the card, starting with right side, and when this gets full moving onto the left side. Messages are limited by space, so if lots of people add long messages you may need to purchase additional pages. These pages will be attached inside the card as if they were part of the design.

E-Cards are limited entirely by message count. You can choose which message band to pay for, up to 35 messages are free. E-cards start as a one-page card, but if someone tries to add a message and there is no space then an additional page will be created automatically. As many additional pages will be created as necessary for e-cards.

Each individual message has a 700 character limit, which we find is sufficient for almost all messages.

Can I upgrade an event once it is in progress?

Yes. Physical Cards can be upgraded to include more additional pages at any time. E-cards can be upgraded to higher message limits at any time. The upgrade cost is the same as if it was purchased originally. However if a message or space limit is reached, people cannot add more messages until the event is upgraded.

Can I edit messages added to the card?

Yes, the person who creates the event has complete control over the card. You can choose to edit messages for any reason, delete inapprpriate messages, and move messages around on the card. You can also add your own message and add messages on behalf of other users. You can do this at any time until the event is complete.

Only the person who creates the event can do this. Other people can add and edit their own message, but nothing else.

When will the card be sent?

You will be prompted to create a cut-off date and time for messages. After this time, nobody else can add messages. For physical cards we recommend this is 2-3 working days before the card needs to be received.

You will also be given the option to approve the card before sending. If you select this option, you will receive an e-mail when the date passes, but you can still edit, delete or move messages or add other messages until you approve the card. Once you are happy, you can click "Confirm OK to Send" and the card will be finished. If you do not choose to approve the card first, the card will be finished as soon as the end date/time passes.

E-cards will be sent a few minutes after the card is finished. Physical cards will be printed and posted shortly after the card is finished.

Can I order presents at the same time?

Only cards can be ordered from Group Cards for now. You can set up a collection to purchase gifts, however at the moment we only refund this to your account (minus an admin fee). We are planning to allow gifts to be ordered through Group Cards very soon.

I’ve lost / forgotten my login details, what do I do?

Go to the Log In page and click on the ‘Forgot password’ link. Enter your email address and click “Submit” to receive a password reset by email.

Partnership requests

We will offer gifts for sale very soon. Please get in touch if you are a gift company that would like to partner with us to offer gifts or vouchers on

Questions about my order

What if something is wrong with my order?

At Group Cards we hope that every customer is happy with their order. However if there is a problem with your order please contact the customer services team on We will need your order number, the event details and the registered email address.

What if I want to change the completion date on my order?

Please log back on to the site using your username and password. Go to the event for the date you want to change, update the date and resave the event.

What if my delivery is late?

Please check the requested delivery date for the event. If the order is later that the agreed date, please contact us on

Can I cancel my order?

In exceptional circumstances you may be able to change or cancel your order providing it hasn't already been printed. Go to your Manage Events and check the event status.

As long as the status for a card order is 'In Progress' then you may be able to change or cancel it. Contact

How do I change the delivery address on my order?

You can change the address your order will be delivered to providing it hasn't already been printed. Go to your Order History in the My Account tab, select the event you wish to change, update the event and click save. If you get any problems, please e-mail

How can I track my order?

All of your order information is saved in your Account under the section Manage Events.

Refunds and lost orders:

Royal Mail aim to deliver over 90% of 1st Class mail the next working day after posting but they are unable to provide a guaranteed service. Items that have not been delivered by Royal Mail 5 working days after the posting date will be either replaced or refunded.

For all refund or lost orders please contact Customer Service and they will arrange to reprocess or refund your order.

Cancelling Orders

For E-Cards
An eCard event can be cancelled at any time before it has been ‘Completed’.

For real card orders WITHOUT collections:
As the service is a bespoke one, we are unable to process refunds. However, if the order is cancelled prior to it being completed we will credit the account by the cost of the event.

For real card orders WITH collections:
As the service is a bespoke one, we are unable to process refunds. However, if the order is cancelled prior to it being completed we will credit the account by the cost of the event. Any monetary collections processed to the point of cancellation will be returned, as a single deposit, to the account given. The event creator will be responsible for any onward return of contributions. As the collections will already have been processed by the banking services, the single deposit returned will be minus the service charge.